Sometimes a second chance just isn’t enough.  As children when a game devolved into chaos someone would cry out “do over!”  Yet it was only a matter of time until the “do over” led to further chaos.   The waters of a world-wide flood were insufficient to wash away the inhumanity that lurks in all humanity due to the consequences of Adam’s first sin.   Second chances are not enough where a Savior is needed.

The world is fresh and new after the flood but the greatness of man is once again measured by his rebellious spirit.   This would seem like a hopeless downward spiral except that God has promised someone who will break the cycle of sin, violence, tyranny and sorrow.

This week as we continue our conversations from the Book of Beginnings in Genesis 10, we see clearly that it takes more than water to wash away the stain and effects of man’s rebellion against his Creator.  Something more will be needed to redeem the world from the entropy of sin. Come and join us this week as we consider this together.

We meet this Lord’s Day, April 9, from 5:00 – 6:30 pm in The Commons at St. Andrews Anglican Church at 8300 Kanis Rd in Little Rock.  Click here for directions.

Come with a friend you and join us for fellowship and conversation. We look forward to seeing you there this coming Lord’s Day at 5:00 pm.

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