Beginning March 20, River City Reformed will start corporate prayer meetings on the first and third Lord’s Day mornings of the month at 11 AM.  This will give us the opportunity to pray with one another, to sing and to reflect on God’s character and all that He has done.  We will also study brief sections of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  Our corporate prayers will follow the pattern of Adoration to God, Confession of Sin, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Following our prayer meeting will be a fellowship lunch.  Please bring food for yourself and a little to share.  This new corporate gathering is graciously hosted by the Holiman’s.  If you need directions, please contact us.  

Please join us for this gathering and pray that the Lord would use this new prayer fellowship in our own individual lives, in the life of our congregation, and in our city of Little Rock.  Also, consider taking the resource on our book table entitled, Persistent Prayer by Guy Richard.

We will also continue in our 5 PM worship services together each Lord’s Day.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash