God instructed Jeremiah to warn Judah, if they would submit to His discipline at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, they would live.   But nothing provokes conflict in the church like a sermon on submission.   Jeremiah is opposed by a false prophet and called a liar.   Everything he said was contradicted.   And the yoke was wrenched from his neck and broken.

Jeremiah often complains and confronts, so his response here is remarkable.   With gracious, prayerful wisdom the prophet rebuts the false teacher and disarms his false gospel.    Jeremiah’s life is quite literally an open book.   We often see his anger, but here we may observe a godly example of how to handle conflict within the church.  An example worthy of imitation. Listen to “Conflict Management” as we examine Jeremiah 28 and consider how to respond to conflict within the church.

“Conflict Management,” Jeremiah 28:1-17