Jesus’ disciples had the best teacher any man ever had.   He showed them things no man had ever witnessed and taught them what these things meant.   He taught with clarity and with authority.   Yet, they were very slow learners.   Even Jesus, in his tremendous patience, often remarked, “Are you yet so dull?” 

How slow are we to learn from what God shows us in his word and our experience with him?  Are we yet so dull?   Jerusalem had fallen.   After the fall of Jerusalem, a remnant comes to Jeremiah seeking a word from the Lord.  They profess an unqualified commitment to obey all the Lord requires.  But then refuse to follow through.  Despite their dramatic experience with God’s judgment, they persisted in unbelief.  They were yet very dull.   How sensitive are you to God’s Word and His Spirit?  Join us as we examine Jeremiah 42-44 and the dangers of spiritual dullness. 

“Yet So Dull?, ” Jeremiah 42-44