How much did your Bible cost?   You can pay as little or as much as you want for a Bible these days.  But its cost is very different from its price.   Your Bible cost of the lives of many in history who wrote, translated, distributed, and taught it.   But its cost does not stop there.  Every time you open it grows more costly.   Because it asks, “how far will you follow Christ?”   The struggle is real.  In Jeremiah 45 we see the prophet’s scribe, Baruch, struggle with the personal cost of God’s Word.  But he did not struggle alone.   God spoke to Baruch through the voice of the prophet.   And in the same way, God speaks to us through the experience of Baruch when we face a crisis of belief and struggle to count the cost of following Christ.   Join us this Lord’s as we examine Jeremiah 45 and consider the calling, the care, and the comfort of God’s Word when we face a crisis of belief. 

“Counting the Cost,” Jeremiah 45