Revelation 6 is a disquieting read.   The world and everything in it is coming apart at the seams.   Conquest, wanton bloodshed, famine and social injustice, death, intolerance and persecution, and cosmic disintegration are all on the docket.   The worlds groans under the weight of the Fall.  In a dramatic scene, men flee from the wrath of the Lamb.  They would rather be crushed in caves than face God’s justice.   In hopelessness they cry out, “who can stand?” 

Though uttered in despair, this question is not without an answer.   The narrative of God’s unfolding judgement is paused by a remarkable picture of God’s grace.    Revelation 7 offers an interlude in the unfolding apocalypse.  And gives us a complementary vision of grace.  In wrath the Lord remembers mercy.   Those who have the seal of the Living God, they will stand.   Join us as we examine Revelation 7 and see how Jesus transforms the broken into the unbreakable.

“Unbreakable,” Revelation 7