In Revelation 12, the Dragon, the ancient serpent, the devil, tries and tries to overthrow God’s redemptive plan and purpose, but fails at every turn.   Yet his failure never wearies his fury.  Revelation 13 unfolds what this fury looks like.   Two beasts emerge.  One from the sea and one from the earth.  An unholy Trinity of counterfeits to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit emerge in the persons of the dragon, the beast from the Sea, and the Beast from the earth.  

In this well-known narrative, the Lord Jesus calls us to endurance and faith.   Conquest belongs to the Church, but it comes at a cost.   Satan’s fury is intense.  His warfare unrelenting.   When we face his rage, it is easy to despair.   Revelation 13 drives this home.  But makes it clear that this counterfeit trinity will never conquer.  Join us this week as we examine Revelation 13:1-10 and consider “Counterfeits and Conquerors.”