Tunnel vision can be dangerous, and even deadly, especially in our spiritual lives.  The enemy of our soul, the ancient Serpent, Satan, wants to blind us to the truths of God’s power and promises.   Satan is forever working to foster suspicion of God.  And accusation against you.   His relentless assaults on God’s promises wear us down, destroy hope, and fill us with despair.    Satan wants to give us tunnel vision – seeing only insurmountable crisis and unsolvable brokenness.

Revelation 13 unfolds Satan’s fury against the church.   Two beasts arise, making war against the saints, conquering them through crushing power and relentless propaganda.   The picture seems hopeless.   But that is not the end of the story.   In Revelation 14 the true Lamb appears with those where were sealed by the living God with the Holy Spirit.   Their number is not diminished.   Every one sealed is saved.  Not one is lost.   The lies of the Dragon were just that.  His boasts, his threats, his accusations, his propaganda have all come to nothing.   God gives us this word of comfort to restore the peripheral vision of faith.   Join us this Lord’s Day as we consider Revelation 14 and learn to avoid spiritual tunnel vision.