Everything comes with disclaimers.   The fine print.  The low-toned, rapid-fire voice at the end of the commercial that you somehow know is offering a hurried, but dire warning.  Asterisks and double-daggers qualify every statement, so as to evade charges of false advertising.   To disclaim is the opposite of claiming.   The salesman claims, the legal department disclaims.   Offers are made, then qualified, modified, mortified.   The sales pitch promotes benefit without borders, then the disclaimer draws a very small map of possibilities.

Disclaimers makes us jaded toward every remarkable promise, suspicious of every offer.  In Eden, Satan disclaimed God’s promises and man doubted.   Ever since, man has doubted.   God offers more than man can imagine.  The offer requires only faith, yet man can only doubt.  But God gives something else.  He gives faith as a gift.   God in his mercy, gives us the faith to trust that his offer comes without disclaimers.   The great story of redemption draws to a close in Revelation 21 with a vision of all God’s promises kept.   Nothing is withheld.   There are no caveats, no conditions, no last-minute substitutions – no disclaimers. Join us as we consider Revelation 21:1-8 and consider the offer that seems too good to be true, but really is.