Where will Jesus find us when He comes again?
Will we be like little children waiting just for Him?
With our fingertips and noses pressed to the windowpanes
Longing eyes, expectant hearts for Him to come again.

– Fingertips and Noses, NewSong

The final instruction of the Bible is to live expectantly, longing for Christ’s return.  Our mantra is to be maranatha, ‘Come, Lord Jesus.’   Is that your mantra?  Can you say with the Spirit and the Bride, ‘Come!’  Or is your cry, “not yet!”  How eager are you for the return of Christ?  How convinced are you that the day of His return will be the very best day, not a day of disaster?   Join us this Lord’s Day, as we examine Revelation 22:6-21 and consider a how to live expectantly and cultivate a longing for the return of Christ, training our hearts to cry, “Come, Lord Jesus.”