As much as we love to sing the traditional carols to celebrate the Feast of the Incarnation, scripture also admonishes us to ‘sing a new song.’ This week in worship we will sing a newer song which celebrates the birth of our Savior, ‘Sing We the Song of Emmanuel.’ Take a minute to consider the words of this hymn and the great mystery and calling they declare, as we prepare to sing this together this coming Lord’s Day.

Sing We the Song of Emmanuel.
Words & Music: Matt Boswell, Matt Papa and Stuart Townend © Messenger Hymns, CCL# 11359088

Sing we the song of Emmanuel
This the Christ who was long foretold
Lo in the shadows of Bethlehem
Promise of dawn now our eyes behold.
God Most High in a manger laid
Lift your voices and now proclaim
Great and glorious, Love has come to us
Join now with the hosts of heaven

Come we to welcome Emmanuel
King who came with no crown or throne
Helpless He lay, the Invincible
Maker of Mary, now Mary’s son
O what wisdom to save us all
Shepherds, sages, before Him fall
Grace and majesty, what humility
Come on bended knee, adore Him

Go spread the news of Emmanuel
Joy and peace for the weary heart
Lift up your heads, for your King has come
Sing for the Light overwhelms the dark
Glory shining for all to see
Hope alive, let the gospel ring
God has made a way, He will have the praise
Tell the world His name is Jesus