As a boy, the Sears and Roebuck Catalog opened up new worlds of Christmas possibilities and gave substance to my letters to Santa.   While aware of its dangers, my parents also understood it power to guide expectations.   Before the catalog arrived, they would talk up the ideas of what they planned to give.   Then when it arrived, they used the catalog to reinforce their ideas either by confirmation or contrast.  Our parents gave us what was best for us, but they also wanted us to rejoice in receiving it.  

Our heavenly Father is like this.   He wants us to rejoice in receiving His gifts.  The history of redemption is the epic story of God giving His greatest gift to beloved children, but not before teaching us to expect and desire what He plans to give.   From Genesis to Revelation, God trains our expectations and creates our desire for the Savior He offers.  What type of Savior are you looking for?   Someone to save you from your circumstances?  Or your feelings?  Or you past?  Or you fear of the future?   Or one who is much more – an everlasting and eternal King who gives everlasting life.   Join us this Lord’s Day as we examine 2 Samuel 7:1-14 and consider how God’s promise to David reveals Jesus as our Everlasting King.