Walking Away

While statistics vary from one study to another, it appears well established that a substantial percentage of young people in the United States who have grown up in Christianity will leave the faith following high school.  Data from the Southern Baptist Convention indicates that they are currently losing 70-88% of their youth after their freshman year in college and that 70% of teenagers involved in church youth groups stop attending church within two years of their high school graduation.  The reasons for this are varied.  Click here for a few statistics on the “whys.”

This apostasy is grievous, not just because of the waning influence of Christianity in our society, but because of the brokenness it brings to the lives of precious covenant children and the unfolding generations of their families.  Children who leave the faith are in grave danger.  Unwittingly, they are trafficked and abused by the enemy of their souls and by the world.  Yet parents are often too busy or blind to see the subtle and gradual departures from the faith in the lives of their children which lead to blooming atheism.

Abraham and Isaac treasured God’s covenant promises, so it is shocking to read that Esau, Isaac’s firstborn “despised his birthright” and all the promises and grace of God connected with it.  Esau was a man more concerned about the desires of the moment, certain that, in the end, everything would work out, no matter how he lived or what decisions he made.   But when a man despises the grace of God and loves only himself, mere tears of regret cannot restore what is lost forever.

Join us this Lord’s Day, September 10, as we examine Genesis 25 and consider the lives of Jacob and Esau and the warning their lives hold for us.  We meet from 5:00 – 6:30 pm in The Commons at St. Andrews Anglican Church at 8300 Kanis Rd in Little Rock.  Click here for directions.  Come with a friend you and join us for fellowship and conversation. We look forward to seeing you there.