For a boat, powered by the wind, to be becalmed is unnerving.  Without wind your timeline, your power, and your direction is at a standstill.  All is uncertainty and vulnerability.   Not matter how great a sailor’s skill at catching and directing the power of the wind, if there is no wind to catch, his skill will get him nowhere.

For pastors and church planters, summertime often feels like the becalming doldrums – especially in a small congregation.  Families are coming and going and continuity of everything is in short supply.   Yet it is not the wind of circumstance or continuity that fills the sails of our churches and moves them along.   Jesus talked about the power of the wind in John 3 to describe the power of the Holy Spirit.  Peter would later write, in speaking of God’s Word, that “no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.” ( 2 Peter 1:21)   The word “carried along” is a nautical term that pictures full sails moving a boat swiftly through the sea.

The becalming we should fear is not the doldrums of the crazy summer, but the doldrums of spiritless ministry.   For if we earnestly pray for and desire the sail filling wind of the Holy Spirit then the advancement of Christ’s Church will not be becalmed by mere chaos of summer schedules or any other worldly circumstance.  Pray boldly.  Pray not for wind, but for The Wind.  And then hang on.

Please join us at River City Reformed Church in Little Rock as we pray for the following:

  • Thanksgiving for the continued support of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Little Rock for their gracious hospitality in allowing us to use space for our weekly worship gatherings.
  • Thanksgiving that we will begin the process this coming Lord’s Day, July 1, of receiving communicant and non-communicant members.
  • Thanksgiving for the faithful, ongoing support of ONA and the Mississippi Valley Presbytery.
  • For the Lord’s blessing and direction for two of our families that will be moving to different parts of the country this fall to pursue new vocational opportunities.
  • For the Lord to bring new families into our fellowship this summer.
  • For the provision of A/V equipment, including portable speakers and microphones
  • For the Lord to deepen our connections to Little Rock to allow us to reach unbelievers, disbelievers and the disconnected with the hope of the gospel and the community of Christ’s Church.
  • For the growth of hospitality within our core group as we practice the “art of neighboring.”