When writers attempt to gain credibility by assuming a false identity, this only exposes their fraud.   When a real author writes under his own name his life authenticates his work.  This is what makes the Bible so powerful.   Though God worked through human agents by the process of inspiration, the thoughts and the words are His thoughts and His words.  We see this powerfully in the Book of Revelation.   John is merely seer and scribe.  The comfort of these words flows not only from its vivid imagery, but from the character of its author.   As John pens the greeting, he is careful to describe the letter’s Divine Author. 

Join us this week as we continue our survey of the book of Revelation, examining Revelation 1:4-8 to consider how the letter’s greeting gives us key insights into the letter’s divine sender – insights which give needed comfort when our faith is challenged. 

“Nom de Plume,” Revelation 1:4-8