All of us have been moved to sorrow, joy, reflection or action by an iconic song, picture or story.  But no story has more moving pictures than the story of redemption, unfolded in the Bible, with its themes of mercy and grace and good triumphing over evil.  A living and active story of a mighty hero who through self-sacrifice and great power defeated the arch-enemy of all men, sin and death.  In every vignette, every chapter, this story is unveiled.

Painted in the words of Scripture, these moving pictures reveal the presence and power of a Savior who is “God with Us.”  While Scripture never describes what Jesus looks like, it thoroughly describes what Jesus is like.   Nowhere is this idea more vividly portrayed than in John’s inaugural vision in the Revelation.   Join us this week as we continue our survey Revelation as we examine Revelation 1:9-20 and consider how this opening vision reveals, not what Jesus looks like, but what Jesus is like so we might fix our eyes on Him, know Him, and run with endurance.

“Moving Pictures,” Revelation 1:9-20