Christ Our Hope in Life and Death

Christ Our Hope in Life and Death

This Lord’s Day we will be singing this new hymn from Getty Music as we gather for worship. Based on Question 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism, this hymn celebrates the great truths of our faith. Take time to listen to Christ Our Hope in Life and Death as we and meditate on its words as we prepare to incorporate it into the worship of our gracious God and Savior on the Lord’s Day.

Christ Our Hope in Life and Death
Words and Music by Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker, Matt Papa. CCL# 11359088

What is our hope in life and death?
Christ alone, Christ alone.
What is our only confidence?
That our souls to Him belong.

Who holds our days within His hand?
What comes, apart from His command?
And what will keep us to the end?
The love of Christ, in which we stand.

O sing hallelujah! Our hope springs eternal;
O sing hallelujah! Now and ever we confess
Christ our hope in life and death.

What truth can calm the troubled soul?
God is good, God is good.
Where is His grace and goodness known?
In our great Redeemer’s blood.

Who holds our faith when fears arise?
Who stands above the stormy trial?
Who sends the waves that bring us nigh
Unto the shore, the rock of Christ?

Unto the grave, what shall we sing?
“Christ, He lives; Christ, He lives!”
And what reward will heaven bring?
Everlasting life with Him.

There we will rise to meet the Lord,
Then sin and death will be destroyed,
And we will feast in endless joy,
When Christ is ours forevermore.

The King of Love

The King of Love

This Lord’s Day we will be learning an new hymn, “King of Love.” This is an old hymn paraphrase of Psalm 23, with a new arrangement by the group, ‘I Am They.’ Take time to listen to this hymn as you prepare for the Lord’s Day.

King of Love
Word and Music: Adam Palmer, Jonathan Smith, Matthew Hein, Stephanie Kulla, Stuart Garrard
© 2013 All Essential Music, CCL# 11359088

1 The King of Love my Shepherd is
Whose goodness faileth never
I nothing lack if I am His
And He is mine forever, And He is mine forever

2 Where streams of living water flow
My ransomed soul He leadeth
And where the verdant pastures grow
With food celestial feedeth

Never failing Ruler of my heart
Everlasting Lover of my soul
On the mountain high or in the valley low
The King of Love my Shepherd is
The King of Love my Shepherd is

3 Lost and foolish off I strayed
But yet in love He sought me
And on His shoulder gently laid
And home rejoicing brought me

4 In death’s dark veil I fear no ill
With Thee dear Lord beside me
Thy rod and staff my comfort still
Thy cross before to guide me. [Chorus]

5 And so through all the length of days
Thy goodness faileth never
Good Shepherd may I sing Your praise
Within Your house forever, Within Your house forever