SEO and the Gospel

In God’s providence, the spread of the gospel has often been catalyzed by technological advances. The Roman road, the codex, the printing press, and yes, even the internet are means that have advanced the Great Commission. 

Yet many churches are hesitant to engage the world of social media and if they do, grapple with how to become more than a needle in the cyber haystack.  

But as a connectional church, our structure gives us some leverage to make our individual church’s social media presence more prominent through something called SEO – search engine optimization. 

While this can be complicated, the most effective ways to boost your social media visibility are simple.

  • Get as many websites to link to your church’s website as possible.  
  • Make sure the site includes a link to your website. 
  • Include a link on your website to all our ARP church plants. You can get this from ONA.
  • Many members of your church have blogs or personal or business sites. Encourage them to link to your church website and facebook page on their social media spaces.
  • Encourage members to like/follow your church’s blog, website, and facebook or instagram pages and to mention and share them often in their own posts. 
  • Make sure your church has a facebook page and an instagram or Twitter account and that you have a recognizable user id.
  • Request members and friends to invite their friends to like/follow your social media and any ARP church plant in their area.
  • Pastors, blog/post regularly through your church social media outlets.

These are simple and free ways to significantly improve you church’s visibility online and optimize search engines to find your church in the cyber haystack. 


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