There have been some storms in history that have been described as historic. Hurricane Katrina is one clear example that comes to mind. While this next example may not quite be considered historic, I can remember being in Jackson, Mississippi in 2013 when baseball sized hailstones fell upon the ground, causing much damage to property. It’s hard to forget an event like that one.

In the book of Exodus in the seventh plague, God sends an historic storm upon the land of Egypt. Pharaoh has persisted in his rebellion against God, and he has refused to let the people of God go. In persecuting the people of God, Pharaoh has blasphemed God Himself. The plague of the hail represents something of a turning point, as it is the most severe of the plagues yet, and as it is directed toward Pharaoh and his servants.

The passage is really a terrifying one. We see destruction, but we also see judgment upon Pharaoh as his heart is further hardened against God. Yet even in a passage like this one which warns against the hardening of one’s heart and warns of judgment for sin, we also see the kindness of God. The hailstones do not fall upon His people–they are spared by His grace and mercy; however, there are also some Egyptians who heed the Word of God and take refuge.

The judgment of hail points us to a greater judgment–the wrath of God against sin. But the Good News is that there is a refuge to be found in Jesus Christ, the Savior of sinners. He has been our refuge from the wrath and curse of God by bearing it Himself. In His death, He has satisfied justice and exhausted the wrath of God for His people. We see in His resurrection that He has been triumphant over sin, death and hell. Refuge is found in Him. Do not harden your heart as did Pharaoh, but rather run for refuge to the true Shelter from the storm of judgment, Jesus Christ. There you will find all that you need.

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