In Exodus 20:22-26, we see God’s regulations about the building of altars. An altar was the place where the sacrifice was to be offered. This week at River City Reformed, we will consider the details connected to the building of altars and why this mattered.

But I wonder if you have ever noticed that we do not have altars in our worship now? This is because all the sacrifices of the Old Testament were pointing to the once for all sacrifice to be made by Christ. But the wonder of that sacrifice is that Christ is both the Great High Priest who offered the sacrifice, and He was the sacrifice Himself. Now we have a table instead of an altar, the Lord’s table where we are invited to have our souls nourished by our crucified and risen Savior.

Join us this week for worship at 9 AM as we consider these truths together. We meet at 9820 W Markham St. (the sanctuary of Faith United Methodist Church). For more information, click here, or contact us for more information. You can also watch our service on YouTube with a link posted to our Facebook page.