In Exodus 24, Moses writes down what the Lord has told him as he was given God’s law. The book in which he writes these words from God is referred to as “the Book of the Covenant.” (Exodus 24:7) The passage before us highlights the power of God’s Word spoken to Moses and written down for the people.

But the passage before us also addresses another ultimate question–how can the people of God enter into covenant with Him. It is important that they be sprinkled with the blood of the sacrifices that have been made, “the blood of the covenant.” But this blood of the covenant foreshadowed the true covering of the blood of Christ. It is His blood that has been shed for sinners.

Jesus says in at that last Supper with His disciples, “This cup that is poured out before you is the new covenant in my blood.” (Luke 22:20) Have you been washed with the blood of Christ? Have your sins been covered by His atoning death?

This week at River City Reformed we will consider how the people of God were brought into covenant with Him, but we will also consider our own hope in the blood of Christ shed for sinners. Join us for worship at 9 AM at 9820 W Markham St. (the sanctuary of Faith United Methodist Church). For more information, click here or contact us. You can also watch our service on YouTube with a link posted to our Facebook page.