The tenth plague of the book of Exodus is one of the book’s climactic points.  Judgment falls on those oppressing the people of God in a way that is more severe even than the previous plagues.  And we see in the passage that this is a judgment carried out by God Himself.  

The people of God are given many instructions in order to prepare for the Passover, and they are also given many instructions for its remembrance.  This is a reminder just of how serious the worship of God truly is.  We are drawn to consider His holiness and the fact that He is the One who directs how He is to be worshiped.  

We see that the people of God are commanded to sacrifice a lamb without spot or blemish, and that they are commanded to put its blood on their doorposts in order that God’s judgment may pass over them and that the firstborn of their households be spared.  We see here the seriousness of sin and its judgment, but we also see the Lord’s pardoning mercy.  In the account of these lambs being slaughtered, we are to focus our attention on the greater sacrifice to which these lambs pointed–the Lamb who would be slain for the sin of His people. He is the One who would truly bring deliverance from judgment as He Himself bears the justice, the wrath and curse of God. As the people of God found refuge under the blood on their doorposts, we need to ask ourselves–have we found refuge under the blood of the Lamb of God?  
Dear friend, have you found your hope in Christ and what He accomplished at Calvary?  Is your hope there, as the hymn says, “There where the blood of the Lamb was spilt?” (“Marvelous Grace of Our Loving Lord,” written by Julia H. Johnston, 1910)  Join us as we consider these things in more depth during worship this Lord’s Day at The Commons at St. Andrews’ Church.  For directions, click here, or contact us for more information.  You can also watch on FacebookLive@RiverCityARP or on YouTube.