The Lord’s promises are sure. If we are ever to doubt God’s faithfulness to His promises, we ought to look to passages such as Exodus 12:29-51. The promises fulfilled here are really twofold. He kept His promises to deliver His people, but He also kept His promise to judge the unrepentant.

He kept His promises to deliver His people. He led His people out of Egypt, and even the Egyptians themselves command them to leave. He delivered them by night and even fulfilled promises made to Abraham regarding the provisions His people would have upon leaving Egypt, as they would be given favor and wealth from the Egyptians. The fact that God keeps His promises to deliver His people ought to be of great encouragement to us. There are so many circumstances in life that may drive us to doubt or wonder what it is God is doing. But even after 430 years in Egypt, God had not abandoned His people. This Exodus from Egypt would be such a reminder of God’s faithfulness to His promises that it would be harkened back to many times. You see this particularly in the Psalms. You as a believer can press on in the Christian life knowing that God is the One who delivers His people.

But God also fulfilled His promise of judgment. This is seen throughout the ten plagues, but especially in the tenth plague. This is a warning against unrepentance. Sin rightly deserves the judgment of God, and only those found in Christ will be saved from it.

The Lord reminds His people of their deliverance in the Passover meal. Only those who were willing to covenant with God could partake of that meal. The Lord’s Supper, which now takes the place of the sign of Passover is only to be taken by those who have trusted in Christ. This is why we exhort those who are not found in Christ not to take the Supper but rather to run to the Christ of the Supper. He is the One your soul needs.

So dear friend, have you heeded the warning of judgment? Have you found rest in Jesus, having confidence in God’s promise of redemption? We will consider all of this this Lord’s Day during worship at The Commons at St. Andrews’ Church at 5 PM. For directions, click here or contact us for more information. You can also watch on FacebookLive@RiverCityARP or on YouTube.