The Apostle John in his Prologue (the first 18 verses) goes to great lengths to demonstrate the truth that the Son is God–He is the eternal Word, and He has made God known. In verses 19-34, we come to the testimony of John the Baptist. John the Baptist is clear that he is not the Christ. Rather, his entire mission is to point people to Jesus, the true Christ.

When John sees Jesus, he cries out “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (verse 29) Christ, whose birth we celebrate at Christmastime is the Lamb who has come into the world to be slain for sinners. He is the One who has made His people right with God by dying as their Substitute.

We are grateful that December 25, Christmas Day, falls on the Lord’s Day this year. What better way to rejoice at Christ’s birth than to worship with the people of God? We will consider what John the Baptist teaches us about Jesus this Lord’s Day during worship at 5 PM at The Commons at St. Andrews Church in Little Rock. For directions, click here, or contact us for more information.