In the last several weeks, we have taken a break from our study in the book of Exodus. This week, we will return to it. Exodus 18 is a fitting place to resume our study, because it serves as something of an intermission between two sections of the book of Exodus. As the Lord has delivered His people from Egypt and has brought them through a number of trials, we now see the people of God waiting for Jethro and Zipporah (Moses’ father-in-law and wife) as well as for Moses’ sons. This takes place just before Moses ascends the Mount of Sinai to receive the Law.

This is also a fitting place to resume our study because we are at least in brief reminded of what God has done for His people. Moses takes the opportunity to tell Jethro of all that God has done in delivering them, and through Moses’ telling (which is really an evangelistic encounter) Jethro is converted (see verses 1-12).

This is an encounter that ought to encourage us in our own evangelism. Do you share the Good News of all that God has done with those around you? Do you seek to invite the lost to church in order to hear the Gospel proclaimed? The Lord, by His Spirit, uses the means of His Word to convict and to comfort and also to convert. An application of this passage to us as a church plant should be to confidently share the Gospel and to point others to Christ, knowing that God is able to bring the lost to Himself.

After Jethro is converted, we see that he gives advice to Moses that he needs help–he needs qualified men to help him with judging the people. Moses’ primary role is that of a mediator-and indeed Moses points us to Jesus Christ who would the Perfect Mediator to lay down His life for His people. But Moses is taking on more than he can bear, and thus Jethro exhorts Moses to appoint qualified men. This Lord’s Day during worship, we will consider this passage and some of its applications. We meet at 9820 W Markham St. (in the sanctuary of Faith United Methodist Church) at 9 AM. You can click here or contact us for more information. You can also watch our service on FacebookLive@RiverCityARP or on YouTube.